I am writing as a testimonial to how much I enjoy the classes at Way to Yoga, and to how much it has helped me both physically and spiritually.

Initially, I began yoga lessons on the advice of my physician for the treatment of high blood pressure, to gain more physical flexibility and diminish back pain. I had already been working out by lifting weights three times a week and doing cardio three times a week on non-weight-lifting days.

I have really enjoyed exploring the different styles of yoga offered by Way to Yoga. I have practiced Hatha yoga, hot yoga and perhaps my favorite, power yoga. All have definitely enhanced my well-being, and aided my weight lifting and cardio performance because of increased strength, flexibility and focus. I have discovered that regular practice of yoga also helps me to deal with stress much better, and has enabled me to better concentrate and focus on solutions to problems. As a result, my blood pressure is now under control in the healthy range, and my back is virtually pain free. Another great benefit to practicing yoga is that it is something that my wife and I can enjoy together.

It is no small wonder that many professional football teams have introduced yoga into their conditioning programs for all of the reasons mentioned. The Men’s Health web site now has a whole section devoted to the practice of yoga as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.

You have all been such patient and caring instructors, helping me to grow and foster my practice of yoga, and helping me integrate it into a healthier lifestyle. I look forward to practicing yoga together for many years.